Free Tools and Resources for AI Startups

Here is a list of free tools and resources for any startups to start establishing best practices and processes to adopt or develop AI that is safe, reliable and compliant:

AI Incident Database so you don't repeat the same mistakes:

Map of Global AI Regulation Tracker - enlarge the map to see what existing and upcoming regulations apply to your startup:

Global Responsible AI Framework Tracker to help you choose and begin your Responsible AI journey:

The EU AI Act Compliance Matrix from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) to help you decode the EU AI Act:

The EU AI Act Compliance Checker maintained by the Future of Life Institute to help you identify your obligations:

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub to get free Azure credits you can use on Azure OpenAI studio:

Microsoft Responsible AI Toolkit:

Understand the history and importance of Model Risk Management - lecture by Prof. Jon Hill at NYU Tandon School of Engineering:

Montreal AI Ethics Institute democratizes AI ethics literacy:

Partnership on AI Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media being adopted by the big techs but you can also use as a startup:

ML Commons to see safety and performance benchmarks being developed by the big techs but you can also use and contribute as a startup:

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