Simple Start
Robust AI Risk and Compliance evaluation with Fairly AI Compliance-in-a-BoxTM

Accelerate your AI adoption so your Business + Responsible AI strategy makes sense.


Preliminary Risk Analysis


Fairly compliance expert helps you understand regulations, policies and risks related to your specific use cases.

Risk Analysis

Fairly compliance expert works with your team to further identify risk and threats related to your specific use cases.


Apply Policies & Controls

Expert support

Fairly Policy Advisor recommends custom or out-of-the-box policies and controls for your AI needs.

Parallel governance

Fairly’s Parallel Governance Layer removes the burden for data scientists to spend time on compliance documentation.


Continuous Monitoring

AI Inventory

Set up your AI governance process with an AI inventory system mapped to pre-defined and custom policies.

Continuous testing and monitoring

Your team can test and monitor out-of-the-box and custom controls in an automated process for continuous compliance.

Dynamic reporting

Your team can generate reports to document, maintain, and track all controls for continuous visibility anytime.

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