What is asenion?

Asenion by Fairly AI

Asenion accelerates safe AI adoption by streamlining compliance processes for developers, data scientists and product teams

In a world transformed by AI, humans can’t keep up with compliance enforcement on AIs. We need AIs specifically designed for that. Meet FAIRLY’s AsenionTM, your friendly AI compliance agent. Built by Fairly through rigorous pilots with tier-1 bank’s Internal Audit, the British Standards Institute (BSI) audit for certification preparation for the EU AI act and the Responsible AI Institute’s audit for financial AI models, we are offering the world's first AI agent for compliance enforcement on the market to ensure safety, security and robustness of your AI systems.

How does it work?
1. Each AI system is unique and has unique engineering, compliance and business requirements.

2. We give you a platform for configuring an on-demand custom AI agent to your unique needs.

3. In minutes, you will have an Asenion ready to deploy among your AIs. Similar to SonarCloud, a cloud-based code analysis tool, Asenion analyze your AI's datasets and models against your internal policies and external standards and regulations through a set of rigorous controls.

4. This can be repeated or integrated into your CI/CD pipeline for continuous monitoring with a single line of code.

Watch the Lightning Talk by Fairly AI CEO explaining what Asenion is in 3 minutes