FAIRLY offers all stakeholders a direct line to ground truth

"It is amazing how many drivers, even at the Formula One level, think that the brakes are for slowing the car down.”

Mario Andretti

Legendary race car driver

How It Works

This is how FAIRLY's API-first AI governance, risk and compliance solution
operationalize AI:

1. Select or Create Smart Policies

Smart policies have two components:

Quantitative acceptance conditions (Controls)


Qualitative reporting requirements (Reporting templates)

Together, they are
verifiable by humans (human-in-the-loop)

2. Connect controls to AI/ML Models

Connect smart polices to automated controls

Embed these controls to AI/ML models in their native infrastructure

Connect to input/output for vendor/3rd party models

3. Monitor controls for financial and non-financial risks

Monitor controls throughout the entire AI model journey for financial, legal, ethical and reputational risks

Results are aggregated into human understandable explainable risk manager

4. Generate business and compliance reports

Smart policies connect controls to report templates

Provide direct line to ground truth from the data scientists' environments to auditor and executive dashboard for compliance and business reporting


FAIRLY is the governance, risk and compliance partner for your MLOps and model risk management platforms. Our API-first solutions are data source agnostic and supports all major model frameworks and cloud providers.

Model Frameworks


Cloud Providers


A Cautionary Tale:

FAIRLY examines the root of AI risk


Automate model risk management at the speed of AI

Forward-thinking leaders are joining FAIRLY for a new world of financial and ethical opportunities.