FAIRLY applies policies and controls throughout the entire model lifecycle

FAIRLY is the de facto control center for operationalizing all aspects of AI audit and oversight, giving companies confidence in their AI. 

How It Works

This is how FAIRLY's AI Audit platform
operationalizes responsible AI:

1. Select or create policies

Fairly platform translates  standards, guidelines and frameworks into controls.

Examples of policies include ISO standards, EU AI Act, the Responsible AI Institute Core Assessment.

2. Connect controls to AI/ML Models

Controls are a protocol for machines and humans to talk to each other.

Controls are applied to AI/ML models with no-code interfaces. They can also be connected to 3rd party vendor models.

3. Monitor controls for financial and non-financial risks

Monitor controls throughout the entire AI model journey for financial, legal, ethical and reputational risks.

Results are aggregated into a explainable risk management dashboard.

4. Generate business and compliance reports

Policies connect control bundles to report templates.

Fairly platform provides a direct line to ground truth from the data scientists' environments to auditor and executive dashboard for compliance and business reporting.


FAIRLY is the governance, risk and compliance partner for your MLOps tools. Our API-first solutions are data source agnostic and supports all major model frameworks and can be deployed on any major cloud providers.

Model Frameworks


Cloud Providers

A Cautionary Tale:

FAIRLY examines the root of AI risk


Automate model risk management at the speed of AI

Forward-thinking leaders are joining FAIRLY for a new world of financial and ethical opportunities.