FAIRLY streamlines AI model risk management and creates transparency while accelerating safer and faster models to market. 

FAIRLY automation takes on the volume, velocity and complexity of financial and ethical AI risk.

FAIRLY’s mission is to support the broad use of fair and responsible AI by providing solutions that help organizations rapidly and confidently deploy AI models at scale while offering transparency and risk protection.

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Documented AI

Fairly's intelligent report assistant auto-generates regulatory compliance reports for different stakeholders, accelerating models to market.

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AI Compliance ManagerTM

Fairly's AI Compliance Manager collects qualitative and quantitative data without interruption to a data scientist's workflow for compliance attestation and approval.

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Explainable Risk ManagerTM

A proprietary risk engine aggregates and measures financial and ethical risk with expert knowledge, creating industry-leading explainability for AI risk.


AI Requirements LibraryTM

Guided checkpoints based on internal policies and external regulations, providing automated controls in day-to-day engineering. 

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Bias InspectorTM

Fairly's comprehensive de-biasing solution includes dataset, model and compliance bias inspection.

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Sensitive Feature Escrow ServiceTM

On-demand bias testing for data scientists without direct access to sensitive data to ensure fair machine learning.

Forward-thinking leaders are partnering with FAIRLY for a new world of financial and ethical opportunities
with safer and faster AI models to market.

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Automating risk management for AI