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Can artificial intelligence help society as much as it helps business? 

The answer is yes—but only if leaders start embracing technological social responsibility as a new business imperative for the AI era.

Good Governance Is Good Business

FAIRLY helps organizations analyze AI algorithms and build more ethical, responsible, and compliant AI systems.  We work with you to ensure your systems produce equitable outcomes for all your stakeholders, while advancing your business goals and meeting government regulatory requirements.  

AI Readiness Planner

An AI governance plan is the most important tool to ensure AI projects are done successfully. FAIRLY has created a planning and gap analysis tool that brings together the best practices and regulatory guidance. 

Cross-Functional Reporting 

FAIRLY easily connects to your data, to calculate your AI system’s fairness and performance-related metrics, generating model validation reports to accelerate go-to-market for your AI products and services.

Validation Engine

FAIRLY's AI experts can work directly with your teams to share best practices to root out bias, protect privacy, ensure transparency, and enable explainability in your AI systems. Try our AI Validation Engine today.

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About Us


We are based in Canada, in the Toronto-Waterloo innovation corridor. Our team has over 30 years of experience in providing technology solutions. Our CEO and Co-Founder, David Van Bruwaene, led research in AI ethics for more than 10 years, is a PhD candidate at Cornell and a past visiting scholar at Berkeley. David has successfully run and sold an AI startup prior to founding FAIRLY.


FAIRLY's mission is to provide quality assurance for automated decision making systems. Our flagship product focuses on providing an easy-to-use tool that researchers, startups and enterprises can use to compliment their existing AI solutions, regardless of whether they were developed in-house or with third-party systems. 


The evolution of AI Fairness has come a long way. Beginning as an interdisciplinary research program combining fields in philosophy, cognitive science and computer science, we are at the forefront of commercializing these research results into practical services. FAIRLY receives data from all major technologies. We will soon release direct integrations into Kubeflow, Google AI Platform, AWS SageMaker, and Azure Machine Learning.

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