Trust at the speed of AI

FAIRLY automates model risk management to take on the volume + velocity + complexity of financial and ethical AI risk

Safer, Faster, Compliant AI

There is a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) barrier preventing the deployment of AI within enterprise.

FAIRLY applies Smart Controls to remove the barrier to realizing AI’s potential.


Alerts and monitoring — accurate, transparent, auditable information to share on-demand


Confidence in automation — bring AI model safety and compliance controls up to speed


API-driven integrations — pluggable into any data source and model framework


Comfort and Cooperation in a World of Risk

*Based on customer interviews for an average of 180 days model validation cycle.

As the speed of AI innovation proves challenging for risk and compliance functions, Fairly’s solution addresses this challenge and supports transparency and risk protection, by offering a platform for quality assurance needed for responsible AI.

Mike Dargan

UBS, Group Chief Digital & Information Officer and Member of the Group Executive Board, UBS

Revolutionizing Model Risk Management

Proactive AI governance, risk and compliance solutions designed and approved by data scientists, model validators, internal auditors, cognitive scientists, ethics and business leaders for financial and ethical risks management.

Data Scientists & Model Developers

Remove guesswork out of AI policies and requirements with automated controls

Reduce time writing reports with intuitive UI/UX design for capturing developmental evidence

Reduce errors and improve model safety using behavioral and cognitive nudge techniques

Model Validators, Risk & Compliance Officers

Reduce turnaround time for validation teams with streamlined workflow

Capture evidence for effective challenge with accountability features

Reduce errors and improve model safety with standardized templates and test suites

Internal Auditors

Increase auditability and explainability throughout the entire model journey with auditable process-based explainability features

Provide ability for auditing team to audit AI/ML models for bias with our Bias Inspector

Create instant alerts for continuous risk monitoring for real-time risk management

C-Suite Executives

Increase confidence in the AI approval process with customizable executive reports and dashboards

Automate controls to remove discretionary decisions which could introduce bias

Reduce errors and improve model safety to prevent financial, legal, ethical and reputational harms.

Map Your Current State
to the FAIRLY Solutions

Right now AI teams are facing growing regulatory requirements and the impossible task of resourcing a complex new system of model-to-market risk management.


New policies and updates like SR11-7, SS3/18, proposed EU AI regulations, Responsible AI guidelines (300+), industry and company-internal policies, fair-lending act, etc.


Inconsistent and time consuming manual validation and attestation.


Regulatory and compliance reports that differ by authors, readers, committees, countries, regions, jurisdictions, etc.


Iterating towards explanability and monitoring without standardization.


Custom internal tools with administrators that continuously require maintenance


Test for fair machine learning on sensitive data limited on a case-by-case basis.

A Cautionary Tale:

FAIRLY examines the root of AI risk


Automate model risk management at the speed of AI

Forward-thinking leaders are joining FAIRLY for a new world of financial and ethical opportunities.