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Why use Fairly

We built Fairly to ensure that access to AI is for everyone - from individuals to technologists and policy experts at companies. Fairly’s goal is to provide anyone with control over AI that affects their lives, no matter where they work or what they do.

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Ethical Engineer Award Winner & Pioneering Prodigy Award Runner-up 2023 - Georgian Generative AI Hackathon
"The team that best incorporates responsible AI practices into their project....[and] with the most innovative and novel AI features."
RAISE Leading Startup Award 2022 Top 5 - Responsible AI Institute
"Fairly AI does crucial work in identifying and scaling responsible AI in the global market using a holistic, values-driven approach."
AI Governance Leader - Regional Bank
"I like it so much! So repeatable...Fairly helps standardize our Model Risk Management practice."
Internal Audit Leader - Global Tier-1 Bank
"Fairly was deployed on our private cloud in less than 8 days - it's a world record!"
Use cases

Who uses Fairly

Internal & external audit teams

Fairly simplifies the AI model auditing process with direct access to the ground truth in a controlled environment for internal audit and privacy preserving mechanism for external audits, without adding overhead to data science teams.

Risk & compliance teams

Fairly's platform reduces business risk of AI to ensure compliant, secure, and ethical AI models: Inherent Risk, Compliance Risk. Operational Risk and Model Risk. Fairly helps teams assess these risks according to internal policies and external regulations.

Data science & AI product teams

Fairly makes it easy for AI product managers to co-ordinate with AI developers, data scientists, audit, risk & compliance teams by automating the manual processes involved in AI governance and providing a centralized hub to manage & monitor AI models.

Patent-pending technology

Fairly’s platform utilizes innovative technology to facilitate the end-to-end process of AI risk management. Our patent-pending technology covers a range of features from information reporting and testing, policies & built-in control to provide AI Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM). Fairly’s platform is designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution to ensure that your AI systems are safe, compliant and reliable.


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