AI: The Future of Business Webinar - Dissecting AI for Lawyers (by Lawyers)

August 29, 2023
AI: The Future of Business Webinar - Dissecting AI for Lawyers (by Lawyers)

Presented by

Ramesh Dontha, The AI Entrepreneurs | Hassan Patel, Fairly AI | Leigh Zeiser, BakerHostetler

About this talk

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly impact the legal industry, both in terms of improving efficiency and enhancing the quality of legal services. In this panel discussion, we have invited AI experts with legal backgrounds to help our audience dissect AI for the legal industry.

In this webinar, join Ramesh Dontha and special guests Hassan Patel, Director of Global AI Policy Compliance Engineering at Fairly AI, Leigh Zeiser, Senior Manager of Innovation at BakerHostetler, as they explore the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the legal industry.

This interactive session delves into the multifaceted ways AI is transforming legal practice, enhancing efficiency, and raising ethical considerations. Through engaging discussions and practical examples, attendees will gain insights from experienced legal practitioners on the practical integration of AI tools in various legal domains, enabling them to navigate the evolving landscape of AI-powered legal services with confidence. Key themes underlying this discussion center around automation, human-computer interaction harms, fairness, and regulation keeping pace with innovation.

Join us as we discuss:

- Enhancing Legal Services through AI Integration

- Navigating Ethical Considerations in AI-Powered Legal Services

- Preparing Legal Professionals for the AI-Driven Future

Date/time: August 29, 2023 17:00 UK | 12:00 ET | 9:00 PT

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