Model Risk Management as a Service


Independent model validation services to provide the quality assurance you need to accelerate safer and better AI models to market 

GOVERNANCE | RISK | COMPLIANCE...with efficiency, speed, and accuracy
What is Model Risk Management as a Service?

Are you a fast-growing SME or startup outside of financial services trying to accelerate your AI models to market globally? FAIRLY's Model Risk Management as a Service is the independent Model Risk and Compliance partner you need to help guide you through the AI Governance, Risk and Compliance processes for safer and faster models to market. Our solution has been designed by AI Ethicists, Data Scientists, Model Validators and Internal Auditors at major Tier-1 banks around the world. 

Let us help you apply the most rigorous quality assurance standards to your AIs today.

For our SME and startup customers outside of financial services, we offer:


Keep track of and seamlessly generate reports about your AI development and production systems for  regulators, partners, or auditors — all with the click of a button.


Manage and streamline your responsible AI and compliance workflows, providing independent quality assurance for your AI models through our validation tools.


Our industry-leading AI Model Analytical engine provides insights for business decision makers on the health of the AI they approve to build.