Platform for Independent AI Auditors

Streamline and scale your AI Audit services with automated evidence collection and documentation management

GOVERNANCE | RISK | COMPLIANCE...with efficiency, speed, and accuracy
What is Fairly's AI Auditor Platform?

Are you a fast-growing independent AI Audit service provider trying to accelerate your reach globally? FAIRLY's AI Auditor Platform is the technology partner you need to help you automate evidence collection and management. Our solution has been designed by AI Ethicists, Data Scientists, Model Validators and Internal Auditors at major institutions around the world. 

Let us help you apply the most rigorous AI auditing standards and best practices today.

For our independent AI Auditor partners, we offer:

Evidence Collection

Streamline evidence collection through a compliance workflows, providing accountable and transparent audit trails.

Document Management

Analytics Engine

Generate and manage reports about your clients' AI systems with out-of-the-box templates or customized reports created by you.

Our patent-pending AI Risk Analytical engine monitors and creates alerts for risk continuously.


Join the growing list of AI Auditors from around the world who are already using Fairly's AI Auditor Platform today.